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Special Offers
In celebration of this new website, DNA Dimensions is currently running scheduling specials!
$15 off all appointments, or "Make an Offer", until December 20, 2017!
A fair and reasonable rate of compensation for an appointment would be the going rate of $175. That's actually quite a bit on the low end, all things considered. I also have a "special" rate, and a client loyalty rate of $160.
Please understand that there is a lot of overhead involved, in many different ways, and each appointment really does take a lot of energy as well.
However, I've just gone live with my new website, and I'm excited!
You see, I've done a LOT of highly intuitive work over the past few years, but I haven't done too many of the medical intuitive (health-related) readings, until lately. It's been years...
The medical intuitive readings are actually one of the more fun things to work with, and I'm really happy to offer them again.
I'm brainstorming ways to begin finding more clients who would enjoy healing from the bottom up... healing the "Health for Life" way.
 I'd love to fill my calendar!
... So here are a few special offers for you:
1. A simple additional $15 off all appointments, across the board.
So whichever rate you qualify for. So if you schedule a single appointment for $175, your rate is $160. If you already qualify for the $160 rate (2 appointments scheduled at the same time fairly close together, or an existing client), then your rate is $145.
2. "Make an Offer"
Literally, make me a (reasonable) offer. Suggest an amount for an appointment, or for a package of several...
This is for those of you who would really would love to have an appointment, but aren't quite sure...  You've never done this before, you don't know what to expect, you might find it REALLY helpful, and if it were less expensive, you'd go ahead and make an appointment.
This is ALSO for anyone who would love to have more appointments, such as several additional appointments, and if the price were lower, you'd love to schedule several closer together.
And, just in case, it's also for those who have much more limited resources, and would be able to schedule an appointment if the price were lower.
Please note: You must make your offers before scheduling online, so that when we get to your appointment, I am already aware of the agreed-on amount.
3. Referral program
It's really easy! I'm looking for clients, and I'm sure you'd appreciate a bonus!
So, for any referrals that you send my way, I'm really exceptionally grateful.
If they simply have one appointment, you'll receive a $15 discount ... but if they end up having 3 or more appointments over a period of the next 6 months or so, you'll receive a $50 discount... (applicable off the $175 or $160 rate).
I'll keep track and let you know.
Please be sure to have them mention that you referred them. Thanks.
Offers 1 and 2 will be valid until December 20, 2017; the Referral Program will be ongoing for a little while longer. I will honor all referrals you send my way while the Referral Program is still posted.
Oh... and here's the link to my online Calendar.
... or email Email@DNA-Dimensions.com  with scheduling requests.
(please be patient... I'm the only one answering emails!)
... or you can call (757) 705-6106 if you would like help scheduling.
Nalini would be happy to help you, however you may need to leave a message and Nalini will return your call. (She works at another job, and helps out with my scheduling only part-time.)
Appointment Times are Pacific Time (Washington State). Please keep in mind any time differences when scheduling.
... and about Appointment Availability
I am flexible about the appointments days that are available in my online calendar.
So, if you have specific scheduling requests or needs, but the online calendar doesn't show any openings that would work for you, simply let me know. I'll do my best to work with you to schedule a day and time that will work for you. (The only exception will be, no Sundays.)
I will not be available at all between October 25 and November 8, as I will be moving and getting settled into my new place during that time.